Something about pigeons in old Egypt

The Tower of the Tower is an ancient method of raising and keeping pigeons on a farm or house near green surfaces. Although there are other modern buildings and techniques that are more effective in keeping pigeons, old gold is what they say.

Silo towers are unique icons and nicely shaped, made of all natural materials and designs that allow fresh air to strike. Pigeon owners often allow their birds to fly around the field.


In addition to being raised for consumption, pigeons are also erected as pets. They are really wonderful birds that have a special voice, wisdom and family structure. Pigeons are extremely calm and raise young people together.

Pigeons are usually observed over time crops that spread across the fields, sometimes in hundreds on an unrepeatable scene. Upon the passage of this bird they return to their homes, giving the pigeons a home feeling.

The main predators of these birds are crows and rats, which are often fed on chickens and eggs. This is also the reason why pigeon towers are more often found in areas where there are less of these predators.

So how do people train pigeons to recognize these towers as houses? The first two pigeons were erected in the house and fed by their owners so they are growing to recognize the tower as their home. When pigeons are acclimated, other pigeons can also be introduced.

People from Upper Egypt document the Egyptian heritage of pigeon towers with original and inspirational footage.

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