Role of Proteins in Pigeons

Cells in the pigeon’s body are made up mainly of proteins, die off regularly, and must be replenished. Proteins are built up from combination of three or more amino acids,There are about 24 different kind of amino acids, There are about 24 different kinds of amino acids,but they are not all contained in a single protein.Three or more combinations of amino acids are contained in various legumes,cereals and seeds. For example, a garden pea contains an amino acid combinations of 1,8 and 17, and wheat a combination of 6,10 and 21.A large amount of protein is obtained from legumes about 16-2 percent, and from cereals about 11 percent Because the amino acid compositions are different in the various legumes and cereals, a mix must be provided to ensure a balanced diet. Proteins fulfill several important functions:


  • They produce enzymes to aid in digestion.

  • Feathers are mainly protein,so good supply is necessary before and during molt

  • A wide variety of proteins is essential for egg production before and after breeding

  • The pigeon milk fed to babies is very rich in protein.Pigeons that do not receive a varied diet will not provide the proper proteins to their young

The vegetable proteins supplied to our pigeons are not altogether adequate.Certain essential amino acid such as L-carnitine are contained only in animal proteins.Wild pigeons take small snails,slugs and various insects that help provide a full complement of amino acids in a balance diet.We must therefore provide these to our confined pigeons in some form


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