German Nun Pigeon

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German Nun Pigeon                                                                                             Breed Profile
Breed Name German Nun
Other Name Deutsches Nönnchen in German, and called Cross Nuns in Russia
Breed Purpose Flying, exhibition
Special Notes Beautiful, strong and hardy, distinctive flight pattern, good for flying, good for exhibition, prolific, good for nursing the nestlings, good for raising as pets
Breed Class Medium
Climate Tolerance All climates
Flying Ability Good
As Pets Good
Color White body with colored head, tail and wings
Rarity Common
Country/Place of Origin Germany

The German Nun pigeon is a breed of domestic fancy pigeon which was developed by the German pigeon fanciers in the early 17th century. It is called as Deutsches Nönnchen in German. The German pigeon-breeders have had great success in breeding this breed.

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Currently the breed is also highly available among the pigeon-breeders of Russia. And the breed is called Cross Nuns in Russia. It was named Nun from a colored cap over it’s head, and Cross from the colored tail and colored primary wing feathers. The colored primary wing feathers resemble a cross during the flight of these birds. Rest of the body feathering is mainly white. Read some more information about the German Nun pigeon breed below.

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German Nun pigeon is an average sized breed with a perfect body posture, a lordly air and a high carriage. It is substantial and viable. It’s body is mainly of white color with colored head, tail and primary wing feathers. The colored feathers can be ash-grey, black, coffee-brown, light blue, red, silver and yellow. And the coloring is deep and even. These birds have a round, narrow dry elongated high forehead. Their eyes are of medium size, and are lively and expressive with a white or pearl iris and a dark pupil. Their beak is relatively short, with an average length of 15-17 mm.


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Neck of the German Nun pigeon is medium in length compared to the thin head. And the neck is smoothly descends to the chest and back. There is a crest on the back side of the neck, which is a part of the forelock. Back of these birds is elongated and recedes towards the tail, and the chest is relatively wide. Their tail is flat, long, narrow and consists of 12 feathers. Their legs are of medium length, and usually light red in color.

The German Nun pigeon breed is used for both flying and exhibition purpose.

The German Nun pigeon are strong and hardy breed with beautiful appearance. It has a distinctive flight pattern. And it’s flight pattern is a low, circular soar, which usually doesn’t last long. Among Nuns there are “racers”: if these see an alien pigeon when sitting on the roof, they immediately take off and by clapping their wings start to “invite” that pigeon to their pigeon-loft. Along with raising for flying, the breed is also good for exhibition purpose. It’s easy to keep and make excellent pets. These birds are prolific and good at nursing nestlings. The breed is one of two major breeds of the Nun pigeons. However, review full breed profile of the German Nun pigeon in the following chart.

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