Vitamins for pigeons

Actively racing birds, birds under stress or birds in impaired health,however, may develop a deficiency. Signs of this include weak muscles,swollen eyelids, thin-shelled eggs, and others.Supplements come with some cautions however.First, identifying only pigeons that really need supplements can be almost impossible. Second,by giving synthetic vitamins,pigeons do not produce their own naturally,so the synthetic ones are used and the natural ones are passed out with the body wastes,bypassing normal body function.


Vitamins are divided into two groups,oil-soluble vitamins A,D,E, and K are dissolved by body fat and can be stored in the liver as reserves.The water-soluble vitamins B1,B2,B3,B12, and C are dissolved by body moisture and cannot be stored;therefore , they must be available in the diet each day,except for vitamins C as noted below

Vitamin A encourages growth in young animals and helps provide immunity from diseases.A deficiency produces degeneration of the mucous membranes, decreased fertility, and eggs that do not form properly. Vitamain A is contained in green peas, yellow corn,carrots,green vegetables and cod-liver oil

vitamin B1 is essential to convert carbohydrates into glycogen for storage in the liver it promotes appetite, promotes a healthy nerves and digestive system, and helps buildup the skeleton .B2 is essential for the metabolism of proteins ,carbohydrates and fats for the proper functioning of the nervous system, and for the development of embryo. B1 B2 are contained in wheat green peas brown rise


Vitamin B6 regulates metabolism in the nerves and liver, and is important for growth .Along with B10 ,it occurs in all kinds of grains, yeast and bran.Vitamin B10 prevents anemia, and birds that are deficient weaken quickly and sit on the ground,exhausted

Vitamin B12 contains the metal cobalt and is essential for the formation of red blood cells and for growth in the first few weeks of a pigeons is also necessary for the development of the eggs .Vitamin B12 is of animal origin and is not found in normal pigeon is ,however,contained in pelleted feeds and supplements

Vitamin C is produced by the pigeons in there liver, and there is plenty of it in grains. Vitamin C works in conjunction with vitamin A to help produce antibodies to fight disease and pathogenic organisms.if there is a deficiency of a production of C will fall


Vitamin D, the ” anti-rickets” vitamin is produced in the body from the suns ultra violet rays and helps the body move calcium and phosphorus into the blood stream to build the skeleton . A vitamin D deficiency upsets the calcium/phosphorus ration In the winter , when the sun rays are much weaker a pigeon may need some vitamin D3 to maintain health cod-liver oil provides natural vitamin D

Vitamin E is called the fertility vitamin because without it both sexes can be infertile cod-liver oil and the germ of most cereals are rich in vitamin E green peas are three times as much as wheat and corn cod-liver oil must be fresh

Vitamin K is necessary for blood clotting , but adequate greens in the diet will prevent any deficiency

Note:- Use only vitamins formulated for pigeons, Never try to use human vitamins or vitamins formulated for other animals All such formulae includes gross amount of the B-Vitamins,which if given in excess can be toxic to pigeons

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