Pigeon pox

crvenaPigeon pox is caused by a virus that is spread by mosquitoes and dirty water but not in droppings. Pox viruses are specific to the animal.Pigeons can develop chicken pox although in a milder form.An infected pigeon is not infectious to humans.

The pigeon pox virus attacks the skin and mucous membrane cells about 4 to 14 days after exposure.There is an internal and an external form of pox.The mucous membrane form can be indistinguishable from canker like, evil smelling deposit in the beak and throat cavities.In the internal form an infected pigeon will have crusty lesions on its unfeathered skin,nostrils and ceres, especially around the eyes around the beak on the feet and around the anus.It is possible for a pigeon to have both forms of the disease at the same time.

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Pigeon pox spreads via saliva droplets from the nose and mouth and can be picked up with food. The virus can be present in dust that when inhaled infects the bird.You must try to keep mosquitoes out of the loft.The virus can also enter the bloodstream via a wound from a minor squabble
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Once in the blood, the virus quickly infects the liver and bone marrow,reinfecting the blood.The pox organisms then migrate to the skin and mucous membranes, forming lesions that are breeding grounds for many bacteria.
Except to monitor the pox lesions. in general,the infection should be left to its natural process.Lesions around the eyes and in the mouth may interfere with seeing and eating and required medical attention,but they should dry up and disappear in a few days.
There are vaccines for pox that work with varying degrees of efficiency , These vaccines are not available in India as treatment i have used the Pox cream from DAC which is found very effective , I also apply a paste of  Neem oil, Salt and turmeric powder  in the lesions

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4 thoughts on “Pigeon pox

  1. Thank you your site provides very interesting information. With regards to pox I found a natural herb that prevent and protect and cure the pigeon from and against pox, malaria also fungal infection. Experimenting for three years and it works my birds are in perfect health.

    We are planning to introduce our product to the market soon.

    Regards Henry

  2. Pox isn’t curable like herpes it’s treatable Henry Adams. Once it’s run it’s course providing the bird is kept free from secondary infections the spots drops off. The image up there showing yellow pus is not pox probably a bacterial infection. There is no pus with pox. The lesions are hard & scabby never pus unles bacteria has been allowed to infiltrate.

  3. I’ve seen several methods
    against this disease
    among other things
    it is removed mechanically
    then the wound is treated with oil from the kantarion

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