Archangel Pigeon | Breed Profile
Breed Name Archangel
Other Name Also known as Copper Blackwing Gimpel; Gimpeltaube; Copper Whitewing and Peak Crested Copper Blackwing
Breed Purpose Exhibition
Special Notes Beautiful birds, attractive and uncommon appearance, very good for exhibition purpose, relatively calm, 7-10 years average lifespan
Breed Class Small to medium
Weight Around 280-450 grams
Climate Tolerance All climates
Flying Ability Good
As Pets Good
Color Many
Rarity Common
Country/Place of Origin Dalmatia or Illyria


The Archangel pigeon is a breed of domestic fancy pigeon which is notable for the metallic sheen of it’s feathers. It is also called by some other names such as Copper Blackwing Gimpel, Gimpeltaube, Copper Whitewing and Peak Crested Copper Blackwing. This breed and other varieties of domesticated pigeons, all are descendants from the wild or feral rock pigeon.

The Archangel pigeon is valued for it’s unusual appearance, and it is mainly kept as an ornamental or fancy pigeon breed. It is a very old breed, and it’s origin place most likely is Dalmatia or Illyria. Currently it is found in Germany, United Kingdom, United States and some other countries throughout the world. Read some more information about this breed below.


Archangel Pigeon Appearance

The Archangel pigeon is a very beautiful breed with uncommon appearance. It is a small to medium sized bird with lightly curved head. These birds may or may not be crested. Their eyes are very vivid, the iris is dark orange in color and is surrounded by a very slightly developed cere. The cere is light pink to flesh in coloration. Their beak is long, thin and straight. And their neck is fairly long and comparatively thin. Breast of the Archangel pigeon is moderately wide and slightly pronounced, and the back is sloping down. The wings are moderately long, tightly closed and lying nicely upon the tail without crossing. The tail is long and narrow, tightly closed and is slightly longer than the flights. The tail must not be carried too low as to touch the ground. The legs are featherless and are of medium length.

Body of the Archangel pigeon is bronze or gold with wings that are either black, white, or blue. Average body height of these birds is around 13-13.4 inches. And their mature body weight is between 280 and 450 grams.  Archangel pigeon is a breed of domestic fancy pigeon. It is raised mainly for show or ornamental purpose.

The Archangel pigeon is a very beautiful bird with uncommon appearance. It may sometimes be a little more skittish than some of the other popular pigeon breeds. These birds can learn to fly to hand and can be tamed easily. Their average lifespan is about 7 to 10 years. However, review full breed profile of the Archangel pigeon in the chart below

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