Ice pigeon

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                                                          Ice Pigeon | Breed Profile
Breed Name Ice
Other Name Polish: Lazurek; German: Eistaube
Breed Purpose Exhibition, ornamental, pets
Special Notes Beautiful, calm and gentle in nature, good for ornamental purpose, good for exhibition, good for raising as pets
Breed Class Small to medium
Climate Tolerance All climates
Flying Ability Average
As Pets Good
Color Many
Rarity Common
Country/Place of Origin Germany


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The Ice pigeon is a breed of domestic fancy pigeon from Germany. It is known as Polish: Lazurek and German: Eistaube. It is one of the oldest of the German color pigeon breeds and was developed over many years of selective breeding. The breed is actually from the South Germany. And it was first developed in the region from eastern Germany to western Poland, with most early breeding in Saxony and Silesia.

The Ice pigeon and other varieties of domesticated pigeons, all are descendants from the wild or feral rock pigeon. In 1856, Charles Darwin is known to have crossbred the Ice pigeon in order to ascertain color patterns. This work came just three years before his groundbreaking publication, On the Origin of Species. It’s a feather footed breed from Saxony, Silesia and Lausitz. The checkered Ice (Forellen) were developed in Silesia and South Germany. Read some more information about this breed below.


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Ice Pigeon Appearance

Ice pigeon is an average sized bird which is named and known for it’s ‘ice-blue’ coloration. It’s head is slightly oblong, and have smooth head. It has several varieties, which are differing in the type and color of their wing pattern. But the basic color of these birds is a pale grey. Eyes of these birds are of different color depending on the variety. The black barred and checked version has orange to yellow orange colored eyes. And all other varieties have black eyes.

Neck of the Ice pigeon is of medium long and gently forward stretched. The beak is medium to long and slender and dark in color. Chest of these birds is broad and deep, and forward stretching. They have long wings which are resting on the tail, and their back is broad between the shoulders and then gently sloping down and narrowing towards the tail. Their tail is long and well closed, and the legs are tight fitting and feather rich but not excessively long on the muffed. And there is also a clean legged variety of the Ice pigeon. Ice pigeon is a fancy pigeon breed. It is raised for exhibition and ornamental purposes. The Ice pigeon is a very beautiful bird with calm and gentle nature. It is very good for exhibition and ornamental purpose. And also very good for raising as pets. However, review full breed profile of the Ice pigeon in the following chart.

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